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Free seo software about web benefits Blog

Internet is not only the blogosphere , the Internet , in my swamp, this is a great platform for business and entertainment news and dredging . Blogosphere is probably only a small fraction of this sea. Do not get hung up. I want to briefly write about abbreviations often write themselves without knowing what they mean to separate them and understand.

SEO – search engine optimization -> optimization of websites for search engines. Search engines work on algorithms and some have specific requirements for their proper sites ranking in the results of issue. Task seoshnyka improve client / your site according to the requirements of search engines and external + internal lift methods to issue certain search words and phrases . Methods to achieve goals are black and white. Black methods – this with some holes in the top search engines is achieved in the issue, but quickly won the methods and 100 % are developers and overlap and is free seo software. White methods – those are very search engine offers. I advise you to read the tips and advice Google Yandex, topical search engines in Uanet .

Work seoshnyka not as simple as it sounds the part and requires heaps of knowledge, skills , experience and constant monitoring of new trends , experiments, monetary investment , effort and time. Stupidly buy links can someone think, but it’s not stupid , it’s quite tedious : the selection of donors and the lists of Encore, the relevant pages of the site and a heap repetitive work.
SMO – social media optimization -> optimization in social networks with no cost seo software – a set of measures to bring visitors to the site with social networking. It seems everything is clear and not worth a lot to me to describe. I myself is shallow swim and in general negative attitude to sotsialok something. It should be noted that the movement itself began with the publication Rohit Barhavy , where he formed a 5 rules SMO, well, then they are constantly supplemented. Note the year (2006) publication. I, for one , still did not know about any social sphere , and they have a strategy of processing our brains come up .
SMM – social media marketing -> Marketing in social networks. What I will not write marketing and social networking you also know what it is. Personally, I do not see some clear distinction between SMO and SMM, and then somehow interesting , but the content is clear – to find you sotsialtsi to sell something and vtokmachyty mind that our brand / product / service / store / … just super. Complex work in social networks for business.
I somehow napryahaye this business in Social obsessive when it when frendstrichtsi is spam announcements of various competitions, prizes , promotions and other lobudy that I needed. Selling likes it too somehow wrong and like cheating. When my friend recommended to frendstrichtsi ” recruiting services in Kiev ,” it’s just brain cancer he therefore should think about whether or not it folovyty . The best time of year to meet, have a beer and found all the news , etc. , without any ” hruzoperevozok in Odessa .” Maybe because it’s not like the social sphere . They would have simply replaced partially live communication, but in reality I see that there is a trend in the degradation of relations between people in society. While acceptable social ad to me if it can be called , Twitter, but sometimes there booths kakashok friends unloaded .

SEM – search engines marketing – search engine marketing . That is, a set of measures for businesses in search engines. This attribute and SEO and contextual advertising.
Returning to the theme and SEO article , I want to ask why SEO evil? Because hivnosayty fall on higher ground in search engines and shade a normal site ? – Nifiga , dont , go zastreltes and do not spread false information. Good sites themselves come to move higher in the issue, because search engine algorithms are aimed precisely for this purpose . It finally understand what SEO and does not clog with some negatives in the internet . For some reason , if a negative, then immediately call it SEO – the pinnacle was when I heard that spam is on the entourage SEO. With negative I have only singled presence on sites with significant texts tautology , but a writer’s backhandedness . If you insert a good search keys in an interesting and necessary text on the site, visitors are not zamityat some discomfort.
SEO is often identified with hivnosaytamy . The same misconception . Seoshnykiv services aimed at business , they make the best of the company website for search engines and people shove them through the issuance of relevant words convey to seeker services / products relevant to his search query.

Upgrade granting finally displacing hivnosayty out of perespamom . SEO is simply necessary for most businesses , this is one of the best catalysts for success. Until someone ” whines ” and others are in service with customers and thriving business .
Hivnosayty make so -called Moneymaker , people receiving income from them . In issuing hivnosaytiv is decreasing . And often the site belong to the label HS controversial. For me heap HS sites are , but they are interesting to somebody , somebody is looking for ” something in Will If unytaz is full of trains on the move Bros scrap ” and the like


Free seo software all about natural services Blog

What are sites ? In any case, not for the sake of advertising sites or sites created for the target visitors. And is not the most effective way to promote on the Internet today is search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most Internet traffic is due to the request in the search engines – Google, Yandex , Rambler , Bing, Yahoo , and others ( 84% of all Internet users use search engines to find information ).

If your website can not be found by search engines or content of the site can be found in the databases of search engines , you get traffic from search engine ( 87 % of users do not look further first page of search results ).
If your site contains content, services, products, or information, search engines are a major source of free Internet users.
This is not advertising and is perceived as a natural information (76 % of all Internet users consider search engines the main channel entrance).
Users of search engines are looking to get your services , otherwise they would have not entered their names in the search form (76 % of all Internet users intend to buy the product or service ordered during the search).
On what does depend on the place that the search engine gives your website? First of relevance – the extent to site content (content) input.

Relevance depends on the external ( website content , link building rules into sections and publications ; META- tags (description , keywords) and internal factors (the number of inbound links to your website , their “weight ” ( rankings , sent and its degree of relevance you input ).

The main factors that affect the issuance of search engine results are:
optimize internal page;
external links to the website ;
age of the site;
presence of the keywords in the website address.
Factors that reduce the rankings include:
No unique content (articles, news , etc.);
technologies that search engines consider spam ;
excessive number of external links;
frames ;
cheating behavioral factors.
Accordingly distinguish internal and external website optimization for search engines.

Internal optimization involves proper organization of the site and properly fill its content. These are:

1. CONSTRUCTION SITE SECTIONS ON AN LZU ( human -friendly URL). Simple URL on free seo software is better to reveal information about your site and its content. According to the construction of the URL of your site can be indexed by search only the contents of the title page or each category as a separate page.

2. SELECTION semantic ( keyword list of possible spellings and mistakes in writing on the subject of each section of your site that are statistically most often entered by users of search engines ).

3. Writing for all sections and subsections site, and for the most significant publications:
TITLES (content tag ) – the text displayed in the title bar of the browser.
Keywords ( meta tag keywords). Despite the fact that search engines are not included in the search index this information , some keywords may still be significant if they are ” backed up ” content page.
4. DESCRIPTION PAGES ( meta tag description can be self generated by free seo software applications). This information appears to the user to search engines when referring to the result. It is therefore important to fit their needs. Quick and powerful description of each section of the site that consists of keywords it semantic , increase the likelihood of user clicks on search engine results from your site.

5. CORRECT EXECUTION content. Bold proposals and headers that contain the keywords tag.

FOREIGN search engine optimization – a relevancy of your site and its search engine rankings through external sources. The more links to a website from external sources , and the more their search engine rankings , the more and page rank . In this case, the search engines usually take into account the content of the tag with a link to your resource .

The main mechanism for external optimization are:
registration in catalogs ;
Buying links to specific markets ;
posting articles with links to your website on various news and information resources;
placement of posts and comments on blogs , communities and forums with links to your website that are indexed by search engines .

Seo results and leading positions on search engines Blog

Search engine optimization with free seo software, ” website promotion ” and ” website promotion ” – a consistent set of actions to increase the significance of the site for the search engines and increase the set position of the site in search results. Now search engine optimization is essential for each site , which means to bring profit to the owner.

Promotion: ” I came, I saw, I conquered !”
If you look at all the successful companies that are leaders in their field of business, these companies have websites that do not operate on the Internet , and have leading positions in all the popular search engines bringing a tidy profit !
Marching up to date company managers are well aware of what search engine optimization, as a lot of competition in business today and the popular expression , “If you are not online, then you have no business ” – understood literally. Demand for goods and services in a global network , and consequently turns online resources are now grown to unprecedented heights. And so much of the cash flows are talking through websites of the companies whose leadership understands the effectiveness of search engine optimization.
Search Engine Optimization by principle ” came, saw , conquered! “.
It’s : You started a business and took its place in the business.
Looked, entered into a contract with the studio «Web Building».
Defeated : your site in the top , and you get rewarded for it in the form of profits.
Website promotion – as a modern form of advertising
Website promotion in search engines is a very effective form of advertising on the Internet. Internet today has become the fastest and most affordable way to find and obtain the necessary information . The number of Internet users increases, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of sites and the competition between them for top positions in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO IT
SEO – progress
The phrase ” search engine optimization ” is derived from the English phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO automation made with free seo software) and means a set of measures affecting the internal and external factors ( external and internal optimization) , the result of which is to achieve higher positions in search engines . Since Russian is multifaceted in Russian-speaking countries is called search engine optimization as website promotion and website promotion . Website promotion is the most effective way to reach potential customers , as this process removes site to the leading position in the search engine , which will lead to an increase in customers.

Search Engine Optimization: Deadline
Search engine optimization – a slow process that requires serious preparation and analysis. In most cases, the achievement of desired positions for keywords in search engines occurs within 3 to 4 months after booking promotion. In some cases , when the site was developed recently or hit the black-list search engines after unprofessional website promotion (spam) and came under the sanction of search engines , website promotion takes an average of 6 months from the date of order search engine optimization .

Site promotion – hyped and forgotten
Web site promotion is not a simple process and is NEVER engaged in the promotion of the site, if you do not have the skills or your skills are not high. Autonomy in this case is not needed and can serve as a ” self-destruct ” for the site and will lead to the fact that your site no longer indexed by search engines and it is for them not to exist. As a result, you will lose your time and your employees time , money, and most importantly you will be given their core work less attention , which can lead to negative consequences.

Search Engine Optimization: your losses are zero !
Search engine optimization professionals to studio «Web Building» daily task that always achieves its goal and therefore experience and reliability permit confidently offer you a return of expenses spent on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization sometimes called seo- optimization ( SEO optimization ) and website promotion or promotion of a site on the Internet, but all of the above definitions indicate only one thing – the website for the leading positions.

Specialists of «Web Building» offer further during the promotion of the site to order the service of contextual advertising , because advertising instantly increase the number of visitors to your site. If you have any questions about search engine optimization , call and you get the answers.
Studio «Web Building» operating from 9-00 to 19-00 , except for weekends : Saturday and Sunday. Qualitative and you need to promote your site is characterized by high returns in the form of inflow of new customers and increase profits. Website promotion from the studio «Web Building» – is competent invest in your business !

It is better to optimize our pages with the help of seo or not Blog

With the advent and development of search engines in the mid-1990s appeared and optimization . While search services rendered important text on the page and other internal factors that site owners can easily manipulate. This has meant that many of the issuance of the first few pages took so-called ” trash sites “, which dramatically reduced the quality of the search service and led many of them to change search engines . With the advent of technology PageRank more weight has been given to external factors that helped Google become a leader in finding a global scale, complicating optimization using only one text on the site.

However, developing optimization with search services , and advanced search results can be seen more and more commercial sites with artificially inflated popularity, especially in commercially attractive queries. Notorious examples of queries that sometimes even competitions optimizers are, for example , ” creating websites ” in Uanet or ” Creating sites ” in LESBIAN more. It is now important to hold contests to promote the top requests are self does not exist as such (that is designed specifically for the race ) , thus giving everyone a level playing field .

Well is SEO ( English search engine optimization) – the process of updating HTML- code text content (content) , site structure, control of external factors to meet the requirements of the algorithm of search engines, in order to raise the position of site in search results on these systems for specific user queries . The higher the position of site in search results , the more likely that visitors will go to him from the search engines because people usually follow the first link .


Inner page optimization – the process includes such factors as the number of keywords on the page that this percentage will write a separate post , at receptive and thoughtful text on a page the main articles of filling that need a website themed and unique content , an important role is also played by tag TITLE as an important part of the page sometimes with this tag you can not only raise the position but also improve the CTR CRT indicator . Another factor is a dynamic link to the main page of the inside pages with dynamic anchor . Well, a role for internal optimization design plays .
External link to the site – it’s all pretty simple and the link to your site or certain of its pages and therefore the more links to your site the better it is indexed by search engines and the higher its Ratings .
What to consider in external links : a qualitative link text in which text is clicked which is the most important factor in the credibility of the site or page which contains links zavse better place for those resources which have good PR and TIC, the relevance of the site and the links placed , ie what is the relevance of – when the link posted on the website established and which corresponds subject of the page or site to which the link points .
Also take into account the age of the reference pages to be exact age at which it is located. That is, when choosing a page or site to accommodate the need to choose an old poster but that fills the living and working. Another had important point is that external links should not refer only to the home page or any particular page. It is better to specify certain pages with our free seo software on a particular subject is a direct lift up the credibility of this page and the whole site to the search engines and look more natural and will avoid the filter. Not bad if that link leads to a site located separately and not in the text . That is, in the article or post. Reference should be straight with no forwarding ( redirect ) example here and have a look also at the links should not be atrebutu rel = “nofollow” links as these engines are not included . And something about the number of links , no matter how many links pointing from one site as it is still taken into account is the domain name from which you link, and consider this links to make them using a free seo software application. So it follows that the smaller links to your resources from one domain the greater its weight. Still have those links as reciprocal link is when such resources are placed a kind of exchange, but they carry less weight .

Black and white seo the difference between them Blog

Anyone who wants to claim the world about its presence in the network, inevitably confronted with the question of search engine optimization. Purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – to ensure that this page provides the most relevant query results for a certain keyword , rather than increasing the rating and location in the search results at any cost. This is done using standard well-known methods, including the use of certain keywords , regular placement of new content on the site, or regular users interact with site content . Although the vast majority of sites fall into the mainstream of the fundamental principles laid down by search engines , many sites are known to artificially raise its position on search results in Google and Yandex using shadow tactics (gray and black SEA) , which is strictly prohibited.

This tactic is known as “black SEO» (black hat SEO), and is the fastest way to raise your website ranking and , consequently , a place in the search results on the major search engines, but it is also the easiest way to fly out of the issuance of all. Approved by the search engines way up through the rankings, known as “white SEO» (white hat SEO), suggests that the established practice and work with algorithms developed in search engines. It is a difficult path , sites should naturally attract more traffic to their pages for a long time , directing users to a useful and authoritative content that uses the power of keywords and generates nearly samovosproyzvodyaschyysya cycle of success and a high page rank . Seo- respecting schools do not practice the methods of black and gray on free seo software, improving site conversion and customer quality content on it is placed . For more on this , visit the agency’s website AIM Band – promotion of sites and online stores in Kiev.

The term “black hat ” used for centuries in the English-speaking world to classify vile and dishonest people , professions and business strategies, and yet it certainly applies to search engine optimization.

Some of these methods were once considered acceptable in the eyes of major search engines but they quickly became associated with low-quality sites, spam, and useless content. That’s why over the past few years, search engines are slowly but surely have classified these practices as unacceptable . While they will still lead to a rapid improvement in the position in search results , the use of these tactics can now be easily detected robots of search engines. This will be grounds for immediate and permanent ban ( ban) on the appearance of the offending website in the search results .

With the update of ranking algorithms are effective is ” negative SEO» – downgrade by creating low-quality links leading to the competitor’s site . Logically, improve your site’s ranking can be created better performance than the competition , but it is easier and cheaper in terms of budget , lower ranking competitors’ sites . Of course , I did not take this unethical optimization techniques , however , it deserves mention. Of course, the draft N did not return to the previous figures, as auxiliary sites were removed, but the fine was completely removed. I want to add though that representatives inform Google, high authority inbound links improve rankings.

In order to make your site was easy to find on the internet and found out about it to those who are not even looking for it is important to deal with his promotion. Promote the site can be different methods depending on the desired result and marketing budget. Search engine optimization or SEO ( English search engine optimization) – the process of updating HTML- code text content (content) , site structure, control of external factors to meet the requirements of the algorithm of search engines , in order to raise the position of the site in the search results in these systems for certain user queries . The higher the position of site in search results , the more likely that visitors will go to him from the search engines because people usually follow the first link .


Seo promotion strategy involves our best ideas for promotion

I would have cost the same to follow this advice ! Sometimes I feel bad, when a potential client assigns me an appointment. Maybe he wants to change another agency for the third time in two years. Or he is not satisfied with his current ” seoshnykom ” and therefore looking for a replacement. I often notice that these clients irritable, frustrated , and most importantly – they simply can not work. Any little thing affects their behavior and attitude toward SEO – specialist. Enough for one sleepless night , poor results in the last quarter of negative communication with the ” boss “, so they impulsively come to a hasty decision , began to criticize your judgment and blame around anyone, not just yourself.

I, as a consultant , do not like this situation. This attitude of the client may lower your motivation and lead to confusion. Such relationships should be stopped immediately. Say ” no” when you see something like that happening . Cry “stop” if your client is behaving this way. Yes, you will lose profits, but your solution is correct. Working with ” energy vampires ” as customers could adversely affect your entire business.
People love ” counters “. Although I’m not sure if this is the appropriate word to describe their preferences. But many customers still emphasize the number of hits , search engine ranking , and other low- key performance indicators (KPI). However, they make it impossible to properly reflect the success of your business. You need to focus on the correct and effective KPIs that can really bring the desired profit. They you need to improve your strategy SEO- promotion.

In the eyes of my clients rankings – the crown of all. However, SEO- consultants understand that placement in search results Google – this is just another step towards the success of the client’s business . Without achieving an acceptable performance, increase sales and obtain higher profits resulting first in the search results Google makes no difference . Some entrepreneurs naively believe that free seo software can change everything and magically produce results. So they put off communication with ” seoshnykom ” until the issue is resolved with the creation of their website.

Unfortunately, the poorly planned and designed website will generate poor results , its optimization is very expensive. To attract the best SEO- specialist at the planning stage , so that all aspects of your business site to work harmoniously and in concert to achieve the desired results. I am still surprised that my family always call me when they have problems with your printer, computer, mobile phone , scanner , etc., just as I – «IT- consultant .” Sometimes they even call if they have problems with the TV , cable or satellite dish !

At work the same way. Customers do not see the difference between a web designer , web developer, expert services paid search engines or SEO- consultant. They believe that if you are IT- manager, you should be able to fix everything related to electricity. But it is not so ! Sorry, but this is not the case. Unless you just need to fill text with keywords empty space on the site. Time passes , and again I hear that customers themselves can handle the content. I am no longer happy when I hear that they have a ” good copywriter or a staff writer .” These authors rarely have a good understanding of SEO- promotion , if any at all.

Each relying on these ” experts” , I was disappointed , but then had to teach them the basics of the most . Of course, this has a negative impact on my budget and time that would be better given to other tasks of SEO- promotion. When when discussing SEO- promotion strategy involves the creation of client references , the question of their purchase. When new updates Penguin scary to even hear what customers are resolved to purchase links from those who offer deals on the ” board for the link .” It’s pretty risky , so I always reject such proposals to clients. But some still opt for shady or “black” ways of creating links , and then blame the SEO- consultants when their business activity is declining. Remember this , my friends. I’m sure you’re not just faced with similar situations in their work. So feel free to share your experiences with me and colleagues. We discuss the problem and find ways to solve them.