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What are sites ? In any case, not for the sake of advertising sites or sites created for the target visitors. And is not the most effective way to promote on the Internet today is search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most Internet traffic is due to the request in the search engines – Google, Yandex , Rambler , Bing, Yahoo , and others ( 84% of all Internet users use search engines to find information ).

If your website can not be found by search engines or content of the site can be found in the databases of search engines , you get traffic from search engine ( 87 % of users do not look further first page of search results ).
If your site contains content, services, products, or information, search engines are a major source of free Internet users.
This is not advertising and is perceived as a natural information (76 % of all Internet users consider search engines the main channel entrance).
Users of search engines are looking to get your services , otherwise they would have not entered their names in the search form (76 % of all Internet users intend to buy the product or service ordered during the search).
On what does depend on the place that the search engine gives your website? First of relevance – the extent to site content (content) input.

Relevance depends on the external ( website content , link building rules into sections and publications ; META- tags (description , keywords) and internal factors (the number of inbound links to your website , their “weight ” ( rankings , sent and its degree of relevance you input ).

The main factors that affect the issuance of search engine results are:
optimize internal page;
external links to the website ;
age of the site;
presence of the keywords in the website address.
Factors that reduce the rankings include:
No unique content (articles, news , etc.);
technologies that search engines consider spam ;
excessive number of external links;
frames ;
cheating behavioral factors.
Accordingly distinguish internal and external website optimization for search engines.

Internal optimization involves proper organization of the site and properly fill its content. These are:

1. CONSTRUCTION SITE SECTIONS ON AN LZU ( human -friendly URL). Simple URL on free seo software is better to reveal information about your site and its content. According to the construction of the URL of your site can be indexed by search only the contents of the title page or each category as a separate page.

2. SELECTION semantic ( keyword list of possible spellings and mistakes in writing on the subject of each section of your site that are statistically most often entered by users of search engines ).

3. Writing for all sections and subsections site, and for the most significant publications:
TITLES (content tag ) – the text displayed in the title bar of the browser.
Keywords ( meta tag keywords). Despite the fact that search engines are not included in the search index this information , some keywords may still be significant if they are ” backed up ” content page.
4. DESCRIPTION PAGES ( meta tag description can be self generated by free seo software applications). This information appears to the user to search engines when referring to the result. It is therefore important to fit their needs. Quick and powerful description of each section of the site that consists of keywords it semantic , increase the likelihood of user clicks on search engine results from your site.

5. CORRECT EXECUTION content. Bold proposals and headers that contain the keywords tag.

FOREIGN search engine optimization – a relevancy of your site and its search engine rankings through external sources. The more links to a website from external sources , and the more their search engine rankings , the more and page rank . In this case, the search engines usually take into account the content of the tag with a link to your resource .

The main mechanism for external optimization are:
registration in catalogs ;
Buying links to specific markets ;
posting articles with links to your website on various news and information resources;
placement of posts and comments on blogs , communities and forums with links to your website that are indexed by search engines .


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