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Internet is not only the blogosphere , the Internet , in my swamp, this is a great platform for business and entertainment news and dredging . Blogosphere is probably only a small fraction of this sea. Do not get hung up. I want to briefly write about abbreviations often write themselves without knowing what they mean to separate them and understand.

SEO – search engine optimization -> optimization of websites for search engines. Search engines work on algorithms and some have specific requirements for their proper sites ranking in the results of issue. Task seoshnyka improve client / your site according to the requirements of search engines and external + internal lift methods to issue certain search words and phrases . Methods to achieve goals are black and white. Black methods – this with some holes in the top search engines is achieved in the issue, but quickly won the methods and 100 % are developers and overlap and is free seo software. White methods – those are very search engine offers. I advise you to read the tips and advice Google Yandex, topical search engines in Uanet .

Work seoshnyka not as simple as it sounds the part and requires heaps of knowledge, skills , experience and constant monitoring of new trends , experiments, monetary investment , effort and time. Stupidly buy links can someone think, but it’s not stupid , it’s quite tedious : the selection of donors and the lists of Encore, the relevant pages of the site and a heap repetitive work.
SMO – social media optimization -> optimization in social networks with no cost seo software – a set of measures to bring visitors to the site with social networking. It seems everything is clear and not worth a lot to me to describe. I myself is shallow swim and in general negative attitude to sotsialok something. It should be noted that the movement itself began with the publication Rohit Barhavy , where he formed a 5 rules SMO, well, then they are constantly supplemented. Note the year (2006) publication. I, for one , still did not know about any social sphere , and they have a strategy of processing our brains come up .
SMM – social media marketing -> Marketing in social networks. What I will not write marketing and social networking you also know what it is. Personally, I do not see some clear distinction between SMO and SMM, and then somehow interesting , but the content is clear – to find you sotsialtsi to sell something and vtokmachyty mind that our brand / product / service / store / … just super. Complex work in social networks for business.
I somehow napryahaye this business in Social obsessive when it when frendstrichtsi is spam announcements of various competitions, prizes , promotions and other lobudy that I needed. Selling likes it too somehow wrong and like cheating. When my friend recommended to frendstrichtsi ” recruiting services in Kiev ,” it’s just brain cancer he therefore should think about whether or not it folovyty . The best time of year to meet, have a beer and found all the news , etc. , without any ” hruzoperevozok in Odessa .” Maybe because it’s not like the social sphere . They would have simply replaced partially live communication, but in reality I see that there is a trend in the degradation of relations between people in society. While acceptable social ad to me if it can be called , Twitter, but sometimes there booths kakashok friends unloaded .

SEM – search engines marketing – search engine marketing . That is, a set of measures for businesses in search engines. This attribute and SEO and contextual advertising.
Returning to the theme and SEO article , I want to ask why SEO evil? Because hivnosayty fall on higher ground in search engines and shade a normal site ? – Nifiga , dont , go zastreltes and do not spread false information. Good sites themselves come to move higher in the issue, because search engine algorithms are aimed precisely for this purpose . It finally understand what SEO and does not clog with some negatives in the internet . For some reason , if a negative, then immediately call it SEO – the pinnacle was when I heard that spam is on the entourage SEO. With negative I have only singled presence on sites with significant texts tautology , but a writer’s backhandedness . If you insert a good search keys in an interesting and necessary text on the site, visitors are not zamityat some discomfort.
SEO is often identified with hivnosaytamy . The same misconception . Seoshnykiv services aimed at business , they make the best of the company website for search engines and people shove them through the issuance of relevant words convey to seeker services / products relevant to his search query.

Upgrade granting finally displacing hivnosayty out of perespamom . SEO is simply necessary for most businesses , this is one of the best catalysts for success. Until someone ” whines ” and others are in service with customers and thriving business .
Hivnosayty make so -called Moneymaker , people receiving income from them . In issuing hivnosaytiv is decreasing . And often the site belong to the label HS controversial. For me heap HS sites are , but they are interesting to somebody , somebody is looking for ” something in Will If unytaz is full of trains on the move Bros scrap ” and the like


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